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June 2000


Love The Sinner (2000)

In the wake of Justinmania comes the news that his local management are currently negotiating with former senior vice president of A&R at RCA in New York, Dave Novik, who is keen to represent the Cape Town singer-songwriter in the international market. Informed sources say that a deal could be signed as early as January next year.


Now an independent scouting around for hot young talent in much the same way as the legendary Clive Davis did last year, Novik is one of the most influential men in the US music industry. If anyone can open the right doors for Justin he can. While he was with RCA Novik was the man instrumental in Justin relocating to New York and LA where he spent three fruitful months collaborating with respected songwriters and producers.

Already Novik is setting up dates for Justin to link up again with respected US producer Luke Ebbin who is currently working on the new Bon Jovi album. Although this project is likely to take up most of the first quarter of next year, the idea is that Justin work with Ebbin whenever he takes a break from the Bon Jovi project. Justin started to work with Ebbin in LA in September, but their sessions were cut short by the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. ‘Luke is a New Yorker ,’ explains Justin, ‘and he has friends in the city so he was in no mood to carry on working. We postponed things until 2002.’

Novik is also negotiating that Justin work with writer/producer Kipper, who lists Sting as one of his clients, as well as Mark Hudson who has written and produced for a diverse range of artists from Celine Dion to Aerosmith. In 1994 he was nominated for a Best Rock Song Grammy for co-writing Aerosmith’s Livin’ On the Edge. And in 2000, Mark teamed with Marti Frederiksen and Aerosmith band members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to produce Just Push Play, which debuted on the Billboard charts at Number 2. ‘I’ve been an Aerosmith fan since I was 12,’ says Justin, ‘so to work with someone like Mark would be cool. I think I’d relate to his style.’

Another songwriter on Novik’s list is heavyweight Desmond Childs who has written for everyone from Bon Jovi and Aerosmith to Ricky Martin and O Town. ‘He is a hugely respected name who has written hits for all the stars,’ says Justin. ‘Collaborating with him would be a real coup.’

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